Olivia Munn & Kevin Pereira Jumps Into A Giant Pie

AOTS garnered enough signatures for their PIE-tition for Olivia to go all the way with what she promised. Olivia dons her skimpy French maid costume and jumps into a chocolate cream pie, taking something extra with her.


Spotlight : AOTS – Kevin and Olivia Attack Tokyo!!! (1)

In case you missed it…the long-awaited AOTS episode, KEVIN and OLIVIA ATTACK TOKYO!!!!
Shout outs to all my fellow knights of the Ministry of Munn
Japan’s Famous Dancing Stormtrooper
Kevin and Olivia happen upon Japan’s famous dancing stormtrooper, Danny Choo, as he gets down in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward. Any time is a good time for dancing.
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Sumo Breakfast with Kevin Pereira (dedicated to Brittany )
Kevin gets learned on the lifestyle of the sumo wrestler in Japan, straight from the mouth of a pro. He also dons the traditional fighting gear and trains for a day.
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The Tokyo Club Scene
In the Roppongi district, Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn drink up and party down in the exotic nightclubs of Tokyo.
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Kevin Pereira Learns How to Make Sake
Kevin Pereira takes a tour of one of Japan’s most renowned sake breweries and is shown, step by step, how the rice-based, alcoholic beverage is made.
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Kevin and Olivia Eat Whale in Tokyo
Kevin and Olivia go to a crowded Japanese restaurant where they sample all the whale has to offer including it’s junk. Yes, you heard correctly. They eat whale testes and penis
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Kevin and Olivia Ninja Fest 3 Preview Interviews

Friendly reminder, ppl!!!! Ninja Fest 3 airs Wednesday, Nov 12th. Check your local listings for time!

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NinjaFest 3: Kevin & Olivia Attack Tokyo

Definitely a MUST WATCH!!!! Don’t forget, Kevin and Olivia Attack Tokyo on Wednesday, Nov. 12th @ 6pm Eastern/ 3pm Pacific!

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AOTS: Kevin’s Blue Ball Remix

An AOTS classic clip! Kevin goes all out on a giant balloon, slightly missing the mark.

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I am Legend!

I’m watching “I AM LEGEND” right now…and I can’t help but remember this AOTS clip from CES 2008! Hilarious!!! Nice job, Mr. Pereira!

Kevin Pereira & the Sexy Dominatrix (G4TV Classic video)


***UPDATED: I just learned a new trick from my brother Dokuga The Tech Nerd. Now, I can embed the video! Yay!!!


Click on the link or copy paste! Original poster won’t let me embed! It’s a video of KPer being tied up by  sexy dominatrix, Julie Simone! And by tied up, I mean hardcore hogtied!!! QuickTime player required!

I remembered this episode after watching Friday’s AOTS when Kevin was pwned by another sexy dominatrix! I see a pattern here! haha!!!

Kevin Pereira Gets Dominated