OMG…Archie Proposes To Veronica!!!

The world’s oldest teenager, Archie Andrews, has finally decided to settle down as the news spread that  he proposed to rich girlfriend, Veronica Lodge. [To tell you quite frankly, I was rooting for Betty Cooper the whole time!!! ] Archie Comic Publications posted the news on their blog Thursday, a teaser for the 600th edition of the popular comic strip.The edition will show the Riverdale High School student and his friends graduate almost 65 years after the character came into existence.

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"Archie Proposes To Veronica"

"Archie Proposes To Veronica"


Sony Releases New POS

From the geniuses at The Onion News Network…

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Olivia Munn & Kevin Pereira Jumps Into A Giant Pie

AOTS garnered enough signatures for their PIE-tition for Olivia to go all the way with what she promised. Olivia dons her skimpy French maid costume and jumps into a chocolate cream pie, taking something extra with her.

Gears of War 2 – 25 Ways to Die director DuVaL AK47 presents his next installment of the 25 ways series; this time in gears of war 2. Whats your favorite?

Hologram Thanksgiving!

Celebrate the holidays via hologram. Like they do on CNN.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

All credits goes to writer Ryan Perez and director Brad Schulz.  (from FunnyorDie.Com)

WTF?!?! Diddy’s Disaster: Worst Celeb Product Commercial Ever!!!

Diddy’s vlog # 35…I Am King Mini-Movie

quoted from Bad Boy Records YT site, in it Diddy said…

I am debuting my new movie “I Am King” for my new fragrance “I Am King” which is available exclusively at Macy’s. This fragrance is dedicated to Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King and all you men out there who take care of your families and respect and treat yourself like the Kings that we are all. I would like to also announce that this is my audition tape for the next James Bond. There is a black president and it’s time for there to be a black Bond. God Bless…”

WTF?!?! Saudi author advises men on how to beat their wives!!! Seriously???

I cannot emphasize this enough…this video was not(and I repeat NOT) posted on this blog to teach husbands how to beat their wives!!! It was posted because it is oddly interesting how different cultures do things differently. It kinda leaves one to  wonder, should we go out and try to change other cultures?

FULL video can be found here