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My Elite 8 Horror Film Picks…#1

HOMESTRETCH, BABY!!! To conclude my Elite 8 Horror Film picks…I give you a masterpiece from Mr. George A. Romero…

One of, if not the BEST American horror film classic is George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead from 1968. It also has one of the most classic horror movie lines,They’re coming to get you, Barbara!” This is THE movie. The Big One. The King of the Zombies. The movie that started it all. Although Night of the Living Dead was shot on a shoestring budget (about $5,000 which, even by 1968 standards, was not much at all) and featured no recognizable stars (the entire cast and crew consisted of people George Romero knew from in and around Pittsburg, PA), it managed to single-handedly alter what could and couldn’t be done in the movies. It also changed the horror genre itself forever. The movie industry owes an entire sub-genre to this film. Video game fans owe it Resident Evil – a game which was heavily based upon this and Romero’s other zombie movies. Romero owes it his career.

The film has a very basic plot. Several people have barricaded themselves inside an old farmhouse in an attempt to escape the rotting corpses of human beings which have been inexplicably reanimated. The zombies are literally bloodthirsty, not only attacking the living but feasting on them as well; the fact that truly drives the horror aspect of the film home. Although the people share a common enemy (the zombies), it is actually human nature itself that brings about their eventual undoing and ultimate demise.

You wanna watch the movie in its entirety? I’m serious…click on the video.

My Elite 8 Horror Film Picks…#2

I don’t believe any horror film list would be complete without the 1998 Japanese horror mystery film, Ringu. You probably have seen it’s U.S counterpart, The Ring.  No comparison, the original is way better! (Let’s admit it people, most of the best horror films lately have been from Asia, a lot of them from Japan!) This film is the highest grossing horror film in Japan at 15.9 billion yen ($137.7 million) and is also considered the most frightening horror movie in Japan.

Reiko Asakawa is a young journalist, divorced from her husband, Ryuji, and they have a son, Yoichi.  Reiko’s niece, Tomoko, was recently found dead with a look of pure shock embedded in her face as if something scared her to death. Upon learning that her niece’s three friends died at the same time, too, and hearing about a disturbing videotape that is said to kill you seven days after watching it, Reiko comes into the possession of that same tape. Now, as time grows short, Reiko and Ryuji race to save their lives from impending doom and discover what the tape has to do with a tragedy-stricken volcanic island and a very strange little girl named Sadako …

As Ive said, Ringu is a movie about cursed videotape that, when watched, will cause the viewer to die a week after. This is that video…don’t watch it, unless you wanna die in seven days! Or watch it, just don’t answer the phone when it rings!!!

My Elite 8 Horror Film Picks…#3

Next up on my pick… The Shining!!! This 1980 horror film classic, directed by Stanley Kubrick, was based on Stephen King’s novel, The Shining.

The film tells the story of a writer, Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), who accepts the job of the winter caretaker at a hotel which always gets snowed in during the winter. While his family looks around the hotel during closing day, the psychic hotel cook discovers the psychic abilities of Jack’s son Danny, and Danny’s ability to detect ghostly presences in the hotel. In the cook’s family, this ability is called “shining”. When the hotel becomes snowbound, Jack Torrance is driven mad by the ghosts in the hotel, and he tries to murder his wife and son.

The BEST parts ( which usually means it’s deeply disturbing) of this film…

My Elite 8 Horror Film Picks…#4

*I know, I know! My picks have mostly been from Asia! I’m Asian, I  watch a lot of Asian films! But I do love scary movies in general, I’ve seen a lot of them not just from Asia but also from the U.S.! Here’s one of my faves! *

Next up on my pick is an oldie but a goodie!. Rosemary’s Baby is a 1968 American horror film written and directed by Roman Polanski, based on the bestselling 1967 novel of the same name by Ira Levin.

Basically, this is what the movie is all about. After moving into a creepy old apartment in Manhattan with her husband Guy, Rosemary Woodhouse begins to experience odd, unpleasant things happening to her. Guy becomes enchanted with their nosy neighbors, Minnie and Roman Castevet, after the older couple’s ward commits suicide. Then Rosemary gets pregnant after a bad dream in which a horrible creature makes love to her. A caring Minnie keeps giving her some weird concoction for the pregnancy and Rosemary doesn’t feel at all well. The only solution is, as the tag-line says, to “pray for Rosemary’s baby.”

My Elite 8 Horror Film Picks…#5

***Okay, back to business! Hope you enjoyed that little break with the Angels!!!


Another pick of mine is the 2003 horror film from South Korea, Wishing Stairs.

The legend goes that if you climb the twenty eight steps leading up to the school dormitory, counting each step aloud, and find a twenty ninth step, a spirit will appear and grant you a wish. The movie takes place in a girl’s art school and focuses on two friends studying ballet, however their friendship soon turns sour when they find themselves competing for a single spot in a Russian ballet school. Yun Jin-seong, remembering the old legend of the “Wishing Stairs” wishes for a place in the prestigious arts school, and in a shocking turn of events, she gets it, but only at the cost of her best friend, Kim So-hee’s life. However, it’s only when the extremely odd character of Eom Hye-ju wishes the dead girl back to life, that an unspeakable evil is released.

My Elite 8 Horror Film Picks…#6

Internets, I give you, The Exorcist! People, never mind the half dozen sequels or prequels that followed it, This film is the original CLASSIC! As the say, often imitated, never replicated. 

So for those of you who’s lived under a rock for decades… this 1973 horror film is about an adolescent girl, Regan, who is possessed by a mysterious entity (a.k.a. SATAN’S Minions) and her mom seeks the help of two priests to save her daughter. Based on the novel “The Exorcist” by William Peter Blatty. All in all, it is a great film that makes us all question our faithful or faithless lives. The special effects were great, with all the green puke and the headspinning and the spiderwalk down the stairs! Setting has a very eerie atmosphere. It had some of the greatest lines in the dialogue! The music they had on the film was outstanding. Overall, one of the most complete and enthrancing scary film of all time!!!