‘Waters of Mars’ New TV Trailer and Clips

***Mark you calendars! David Tennant returns to the screens on Sunday, 15th November, 7.00pm, BBC One,  in “The Waters of Mars”,  the first of his final three episodes playing the Doctor.***

The beginning of the end…Mars, 2059. Bowie Base One. Last recorded message: “Don’t drink the water. Don’t even touch it. Not one drop.”

Starring David Tennant as The Doctor and guest starring acclaimed British stage and screen actress Lindsay Duncan, The Waters Of Mars is the second Doctor Who special to be screened this year.

Lindsay plays Adelaide, the Doctor’s cleverest and most strong-minded companion. She and the Doctor face terror on the Red Planet in one of the scariest adventures yet.

Neighbours, Flying Doctors and Casualty star Peter O’Brien also guest stars as Ed, Adelaide’s second-in-command at the base.

The Waters Of Mars is written by Russell T Davies and Phil Ford and is directed by Graeme Harper.


Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars – TV Trailer

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars Clips – The Guardian




Doctor Who: Dreamland [SPOILERS…BEWARE!!!]

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These are exciting times for Doctor Who, not least because Dreamland will soon be exploding onto our screens! As everyone should know by now, it features David Tennant as the Doctor alongside Georgia Moffett and Tim Howar as his latest companions, Cassie Rice and Jimmy Stalkingwolf. COPYRIGHT (C) BBC.

What is Dreamland? Dreamland is a six-part animated Doctor Who adventure. It will premier on BBC Red Button and on the Doctor Who website on Saturday, November 21st.  It’s a six part series, and details about individual episodes are starting to emerge…

Episode 1

Dry Springs, Nevada, 1958. The Doctor befriends a young waitress, Cassie, and her friend, Jimmy, at a diner. The Doctor activates an alien artefact and, after finding further signs of alien activity, the US Army intervenes and takes him and his new companions to the mysterious Area 51 in Roswell, where they find out about Operation Fallen Angel. Will Operation leader Colonel Stark succeed in making the curious trio forget what they have just seen?

Episode 2

Seeking refuge in the abandoned town of Solitude, Jimmy stumbles across a disconcerting discovery and the trio encounter Viperox royalty.

Episode 3

The Doctor cannot understand why the Alliance of Shades’ mop-up team are more concerned with the whereabouts of a piece of space flight hardware than the hordes of Viperox pods hidden underground. Things start to fall into place when Jimmy’s grandfather, Night Eagle, introduces the Doctor to Rivesh Mantilax.

Episode 4

Captured by the US Army, Rivesh is finally reunited with his wife, Saruba Velak. Meanwhile, the Doctor discovers the unsettling truth about his real identity.

Episode 5

The Doctor and Saruba have to confront the mysterious alien force in the vault housing her space ship if they are to save her husband and stop Lord Azlok from rousing his sleeping army.

Episode 6

As sunset falls, the Viperox drones start to attack the US Army base. Can the Doctor find a way to halt the seemingly unstoppable aliens in their tracks?

Sources :

BBC Dreamland Blog


NEW Trailer Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3

A new 2½ minute trailer “Sarah Jane Adventures” Series 3.  Includes clips of David Tennant as The Doctor.

First Look: The Doctor in ‘Sarah Jane Adventures’

Digital Spy gives us a glimpse of The Doctor‘s (played by David Tennant) as he pops in  on CBBC’s “Sarah Jane’s Adventures” for a visit.


The Doctor appears in episodes five and six of the new series, which will air on October 29 and October 30 on BBC One. The story – titled ‘The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith’, is penned by Gareth Roberts (‘The Shakespeare Code’, ‘The Unicorn and the Wasp’) and also guest stars Nigel Havers as Sarah Jane’s groom-to-be.

The BBC has just released these synopses of the two episodes and the story as a whole:


Overall story summary: “Sarah Jane has met Peter Dalton and wants him to become part of her life; to become a father to Luke perhaps. But Clyde thinks Peter is hiding a secret or two of his own, especially when he and Rani find an empty house where Peter says his home should be…”

Part one summary: “The Doctor returns on the happiest day of Sarah Jane’s life – but a deadly trap is waiting for them all! As the strands of a clever and careful plan draw together, can even a Time Lord save Sarah Jane, on the day of her arch-enemy’s greatest triumph?”

Part two summary: “The Doctor joins the battle – but is it too late to save both Sarah Jane and the Earth itself? As the power of the Pantheon of Discord grows in strength, the old friends are separated across different time zones, and must fight to save each other – but for one, there’s a terrible price to pay.”

SNEAK PEEK : (Courtesy of Digitay Spy TubeTalk)

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Doctor Who The Waters of Mars (Trailer 2) – BBC 1

BBC One (UK) recently released the latest updated trailer for Doctor Who : The Waters of Mars.

The 11th Doctor’s 1st Day.

The 11th Doctor and his new companion.

The 11th Doctor and his new companion.

ROOKIE Time Lord Matt Smith beams in his bow tie and tweed as filming began today on the new series of Doctor Who.

(Quite frankly…I’m not liking the new Doctor’s attire! But then again, I’m biased, with me being really fond of David Tennant’s version of The Doctor and all!!!)

The Party Animals actor was joined on location in Cardiff by new companion, Amy Pond, played Karen Gillan, and ER actress Alex Kingston who appeared as the mysterious River Song in the last series.

Matt, who is the 11th actor to take up the TARDIS’ reigns, will take over as the Doctor from David Tennant. The new series follows three Doctor Who specials due to air later this year.

copyright BBC

11th Doctor Matt Smith

Alex Kingston reprises her role as Professor River Song, a.k.a. The Doctors WIFE!

Alex Kingston reprises her role as Professor River Song, a.k.a. The Doctor's WIFE!

The Doctors new companion, Amy Pond (played by Karen Gillan).

The Doctor's new companion, Amy Pond (played by Karen Gillan).

Doctor Who : Waters of Mars preview clip.

Here’s the advanced proper look at this year’s second Doctor Who special, The Waters Of Mars, due to air on BBC One this November…

For this DW autumn special, The Doctor is joined by his most strong-willed companion yet, Adelaide Brooke (Lindsay Duncan).