Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra 2009

Glitz & Gemstones: The $3 Million Fantasy Bra

Designed exclusively for Victoria’s Secret by Damiani and valued at $3 million, the bra features a rare 16-carat heart-shaped, brown-yellow diamond pendant — and surrounding the jewel are cognac-colored diamonds. The weight of the entire bra totals nearly 150 carats!

[Yes…you read correctly!  A bra that’s worth $3,000,000! Yeah, seriously…that many zeros!!! And, ummm…SuperModel, NOT included!!!]

Get the dazzling details on the Harlequin Fantasy Bra from supermodel Marisa Miller as she looks forward to flaunting all 150 carats on the runway at the 2009 Fashion Show.

ET‘s exclusively with model Marisa Miller for a look at the Victoria’s Secret Harlequin Fantasy Bra.

For more photos : VS Fantasy Bra 2009 Photo Shoot

Watch Marisa strut her stuff in the bejeweled bra at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, airing Tuesday, Dec. 1 on CBS and featuring musical guest the Black Eyed Peas.
 Sources : (Special Thanks to the following:)

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  1. interesting

  2. If you are interested in viewing this extraordinary piece, it will be on display at Black, Starr & Frost at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California between Tuesday, December 15th, and Monday, December 21st.
    If you would like more information about this fantasy bra of to schedule a private viewing, please call me, Jared Olen, at
    714.549.2522 or email me at jaredo AT

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