Good Riddance, 2008!!! Been Nice Knowing You!!!

Another year’s has passed yet again! A year that wasn’t too good, but wasn’t too bad neither!

Let’s recap, shall we!!!  Got fired from my job, moved to a new city, reconnect with old friends and family, loved with all my heart, had my heart broken, hurt a few people, got hurt a lot by a lot of people, got a new job, made new friends in real life & the interwebs (Thank you, Twitter, MySpace and FaceBook peeps!), started blogging again, got promoted at my job, got sick like a hundred times (not really, but pretty darn close!), had to go to the hospital a few times, had to visit family and friends in the hospital several times, went to funerals a couple of times, lost the interwebs, got the interwebs back, got hacked, lost 25 lbs.,  got a new cat, got a new puppy, lost the puppy (not really lost the puppy, my brother wanted it, something about the puppy being a major chick magnet!), kept the cat, voted for the first time, watched Barack Obama win the Presidential election, became a Knight of the Ministry of Munn, fell in love w/ cooking and baking yet again (let’s all hope it lasts this time!),  and most importantly let go and forgave!!!

Some unsolicited advice, internets…Know that no matter how much your life sucks, there’s always somebody out there with a tale far worse than yours!  Don’t regret making mistakes, instead learn from the mistakes you’ve made and try not to do them again. Never let anybody tell you you’re not good enough, or that you don’t deserve to get what you want, instead prove these people wrong! But remember, your desires should NEVER  be the cause of someone else’s pain! Never be afraid of change…you never know what’s out there for you unless you’re brave enough to try it out! Grieve for all that you’ve lost, but don’t dwell on it! Take time to heal! Don’t fear FAILURE!!! Have the courage to fail big and stick around. Make your haters wonder why you’re still smiling. And most of all, KNOW THAT YOU DESERVE LOVEnever let anybody tell you any differently!!! LESSON LEARNED, time to MOVE ON!!!

All these things that happened to me this year, I can’t help but be thankful for all the blessings I’ve had!  I have my health…I have my family…I have my friends…I have really cute cats…I have central air! In the hierarchy of pain and sufferring, I really can’t complain!!! I’m not making any resolutions, but I do hope to be a better person this upcoming  year! Do more good deeds for someone other than me. And hopefully find the courage to love again! And if I do, hopefully it’s with someone who will love me back!  But most importantly, I hope to learn something new, interesting and enriching! Oh yeah, and ACHIEVE SOMETHING and MAKE MY PARENTS PROUD!!!

So long, 2008! Been nice knowing you! Gained some, lost some,  cried a lot, laughed even more, but most definitely, I learned a lot!!! Thanks to you, I now know that what doesn’t kill me can only make me STRONGER!!! I have renewed HOPE!!! I no longer think of myself as a FAILURE!!! So BRING IT ON, 2009!!! I’m ready for you!!!



6 Responses

  1. Happy New Year to you as well Jade, you dids a lot in 08.. waits to see what u will do in 09

  2. *slow clap*

    You ~pointing and going to one knee~ “are the shit!!” standing and applauding you as a modern day Elvis! da Queen, da Queen!


  3. “Know that no matter how much your life sucks, there’s always somebody out there with a tale far worse than yours!”
    That’s something that keeps me from becoming severely depressed. Happy New Year Jade!

  4. That’s a very nice post. Have a great new year! (This deserved the Digg 2000).

  5. I’m crying as I’m reading this!!! You’ve been through a lot this past yr, my friend! I’m just glad that it hasn’t made you bitter! And trust me, ur parents are PROUD of you!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  6. **sniffles while wiping tears from her eyes** been a whirlwind wild ride this year, thats true!!! Want u 2 know that u can always count on ur family! And I’m glad that I could always count on you! We may be cousins but ur more of a sister to me! Stay strong! And if ur feeling not stong enough, u know u can always lean on me!!!!

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