Keyboard for Blondes – All pink and yet functional.

Keyboard For Blondes

OMG! It's a keyboard for blondes!!!
OMG! It’s a keyboard for BLONDES!!!

Blondes have suffered decades of ridicule, but it’s time they embrace the jokes. When it comes to a hot-pink boost of self-confidence (or at least a few good laughs), the Keyboard For Blondes may do the trick.

The all-pink keyboard swaps out standard keys with funnier, dumber key names. The backspace key now says “Oops!” and the entire row of function keys spells out USELESS KEYS. Hit the “$” sign and you get the sound of a cash register clinking.

Blondes can even get a little technical and use special keys that type out “OMG,” “ALI” (Absolutely Love It!), or “XOXO.” My favorite? The Caps Lock now says: “Warning! size XXL letters.”

Though this fully functional keyboard would be a great gift to poke some fun at your fair-haired friends, regular computer users may find it a bit challenging. However, like the completely blank Das Keyboard, the Keyboard for Blondes might help poor typists improve their skills, since the keys are 1) a distracting pink, and 2) no longer have the standard labels.

According to its manufacturer, European Trends, the keyboard has already been released in the U.K to some success, and at $49.95 probably only a true blonde would purchase this novelty item. It’s compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. I know what Paris Hilton will be getting for Christmas. — CNET News Crave

*** It seems sexist to use the blonde stereotype to sell keyboards. This bubble-gum pink keyboard is a full-featured model. However, it looks weird to any old-fashioned hardware person, what with such keys as “Yes! I Want It!” (For Enter), “Oops!” (Back Space), “Totally Useless Key” (Ctrl), “Way Up” and “Way Down” Page Up and Page Down), “OK” (keypad Enter)”NO!” (Esc). It is a basic, normally functioning keyboard, but it is pink with humorous labels on the keys. Also, note that the numpad features dice instead of numbers, for the gambling inclined. Spending $49, to present one to your blonde friend may make you laugh, but it will only make her go “Whatever”.

Source : Keyboard For Blondes


3 Responses

  1. HA! I have a friend that could use that but she’s not even blond.

  2. Thats hilarious.

    And here’s a little blond joke to go along with the blog.

    A gorgeous young redhead goes into the doctor office and said that her
    body hurt wherever she touched it.

    “impossible” says the doctor. “show me”

    The redhead took her finger, pushed on her left wrist and screamed,
    then she pushed her elbow and screamed in even more. She pushed her knee and screamed; likewise she pushed her ankle and screamed.

    Everywhere she touched made her scream.

    The doctor said. “Your not really a readhead, are you?”

    “Well, no” she said. “I’m actually a blonde”

    “I thought so,” the doctor said ” your finger is broken”

  3. Hahaha! That’s a funny one, Alex!!! I gotta remember to tell my blonde friend that joke!!! LOL!!!

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