Attack of the Star Wars!!!

So, some of my Twitter friends (Andre, Callie, Ray, Scott, Jared, Brittany) and I were tweeting about a lot of things tonite. Most of them about Attack of the Show and Star Wars and Jedis.  All that talk reminded me of this classic video!!! (Apologies to the Ministry, Olivia Munn is NOT on this video!!!)

Ever imagined what it would be like if the old AOTS hosts had Jedi powers ???


6 Responses

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  2. Nice!!! Your two favorite Kevins playing Jedi mind tricks on each other!!! I like Sarah Lane’s powers better though!!! And OMG…Brendan Moran! What’s he up to these days, I wonder?!?!

  3. lmao…. Kevin killing Kevin R…..= awesome I wonder who that girl was who killed him?

  4. Nice find Jade. Thanks for the shout out.

  5. ohh btw… i changed my blogs name to “why so serious”… its not “this is jared” anymore

  6. Hilarious sketch they did back then, but I never realized Kevin was actually so short… Geez, he’s just about a head smaller than the other host.

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