Icy Jade’s Lux-a-holix Christmas Wish List pt.1

All I Want For Christmas (but probably won’t get!!!) vol.1

Well…it is what, 50 days before Christmas!!! Kinda figured it’s about time to make my Christmas Wish List! Every year, (like most people) I make a list of things that I wanna get as gifts for the Holidays!  I make my list as simple, as practical and as affordable as possible! And you know what, I’m lucky if I got at least half of the things on my list!!!!

So this year, I decided I’m gonna make the most expensive, most extravagant, most lavish Christmas Wish List EVER!!! At least I know I’m not gonna get any of these gifts for Christmas. Yup, I won’t be expecting any of these stuffed in my stockings or gift-wrapped underneath my tree!!!

First up….the ICON A5 Folding Plane…Looks Like Sportscar, Costs as Much as Maserati!!!!

Loaded with features like folding wings (so you can keep it in your garage) and seat belt-like parachutes (so you can ease the whole thing down to the ground), this ICON amphibious aircraft dubbed the A5, might just be the ultimate joyride. The A5’s top speed is 120 miles per hour, and its maximum altitude is about 10,000 feet, in keeping with its Light-Sport Aircraft classification – a new class created to make personal aviation accessible to more people. Price tag = $139,000!!!


One Response

  1. damn, i wantz dat car niau!
    i bet the floor mat alone costs $500…

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