WTF?!?!? Jesus Car?!?!?

This was originally posted by GreaterUmbrage , (a librarian/photographer from Central Florida) on her Flickr account. On her post she says… \”My father and I came across this car as we were leaving the theater right after seeing Religulous.\”

Click on the 2nd pic so you can see on a larger scale how massively RIDICULOUS this car is!!!! And take a look at the inside too…pretty creepy!  And is it even legal to have your windows completely covered by stickers like that? That’s a whole lotta hate and ignorance in just one car!!! Seriously, if Jesus Christ was alive here on Earth at this time and He sees what’s being done in His Name…He’ll never stop throwing up!!!!

Jesus Car

Jesus Car

Jesus Car

Jesus Car

Inside Jesus Car

Inside Jesus Car


4 Responses

  1. “Elect Jesus King of your life” ?!?!? “Jesus is coming soon”!!!! “Got Jesus?” Seriously? Seriously!

  2. Oh. My. God. My cousin offered me an Obama sticker and I refused it because I don’t use my car for advertisements. Jesus Christ. Wait. In this comment I have evoked the Lord’s name twice. I have been inspired by the Jesus Car! I must go forth now and impose my beliefs on everyone!

  3. Oh, yeah. I had another Olivia argument with my friend Alex. I blogged it.

  4. i dont think they like jesus cuz dey votin’ for mccain… dis is wr0ng

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