My Elite 8 Horror Film Picks…#2

I don’t believe any horror film list would be complete without the 1998 Japanese horror mystery film, Ringu. You probably have seen it’s U.S counterpart, The Ring.  No comparison, the original is way better! (Let’s admit it people, most of the best horror films lately have been from Asia, a lot of them from Japan!) This film is the highest grossing horror film in Japan at 15.9 billion yen ($137.7 million) and is also considered the most frightening horror movie in Japan.

Reiko Asakawa is a young journalist, divorced from her husband, Ryuji, and they have a son, Yoichi.  Reiko’s niece, Tomoko, was recently found dead with a look of pure shock embedded in her face as if something scared her to death. Upon learning that her niece’s three friends died at the same time, too, and hearing about a disturbing videotape that is said to kill you seven days after watching it, Reiko comes into the possession of that same tape. Now, as time grows short, Reiko and Ryuji race to save their lives from impending doom and discover what the tape has to do with a tragedy-stricken volcanic island and a very strange little girl named Sadako …

As Ive said, Ringu is a movie about cursed videotape that, when watched, will cause the viewer to die a week after. This is that video…don’t watch it, unless you wanna die in seven days! Or watch it, just don’t answer the phone when it rings!!!


2 Responses

  1. Both movies are AWESOME ! My favorite Japanese
    horror film of all time would have to be “Onibaba” !

  2. my favorite japanese horror movie is “Blind Beast” its so cool… :]

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