Halloween Costume 2008

Santa Baby

Santa Baby

**Got my costume for Halloween today!!!! This is what I’ll be for Halloween, only with a lot less BEWBS!!!

So…I asked my cousin Bex (www.twitter.com/firemaiden23) if we could be zombies for Halloween  this year. She said, “Hell no!!! We already did scary 2 years ago. Last year was sexy. This year, we should be whimsical!”  And I tried to come up with the most whimsical costume I could think of and finally decided on this! Meet Santa Baby! (There’s 2 of us so it’s Santa Babies) According to Bex…SB is the one Santa Claus sends to those in the naughty list. Yeah, Bex…I’m sure that sounded funnier inside your head!!! LOL!!! Anywayz, I’d like to think of this costume as an homage to Alessandra Ambrosios EPIC opening outfit to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2005.

Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2005

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2005


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  1. Great costumes idea for Halloween

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